HandyTrac Key Control


About HandyTrac

HandyTrac principals have been innovating and creating programs for Multi Family for 30 years:

"Little Buddy" rent roll program; Clever Computer Internet Services; online key control and work order systems. More recently, HandyTrac designed the first integrated biometric identity verification for key control systems, and provides online reports, building pull, and key bitmapping. Also, HandyTrac markets and distributes the WaterSignal, LLC Leak Detection and Water Conservation program.

Why Key Control?

    Premises Liability, Audit Trail
Premises security liability is the application of principles in the tort of negligence. It arises when a business is sued by an individual who was the victim of a violent crime on the property of the business and is claiming that the lack of security was a factor in allowing the crime to occur.

A claim for inadequate security is a claim that the property owner failed to provide a reasonable level of security, given the risk of crime at the property during the time of the attack.

HandyTrac Computerized Key Control Systems offer many features, including critical management reports. Reports may be accessed Online, printed directly from your printer, or processed by your PC or other electronic device.

HandyTrac Key Control

HandyTrac Key Control

Reports By Housing Unit

Shows all activities sorted by location for the period.

HandyTrac Key Control

Reports By Functional Activity

Shows all activities sorted by activity code for the period, a great support for EPA reports, preventative maintenence verification etc...

HandyTrac Key Control

Keys Out Report

Shows all keys out at the time the report was run Employee who took keys, activity code, date and time and can even be emailed to you daily..

HandyTrac Key Control

Report By Employee

Shows all activities sorted by employee for the period.